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Boutique Environmental Accommodation situated in
Adventure Bay on Bruny Island.

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Comfortable Cabins with a Commitment to Sustainability

Our eco-friendly boutique accommodation near the beach provides a relaxing sojourn for those seeking a blend of comfort and environmental mindfulness.
Based on 90 reviews
Sonia Weston
Sonia Weston
Beautiful room in a great spot - metres from the beach. Breakfast provided each day was a lovely touch.
A delightful little spot to stay on Bruny! Literally across the road from the Adventure Bay beach, with wallabies hopping across the front yard and birdsong in the trees. The accommodation was well appointed and clean, and roomier than we expected! Within walking distance of the general store and the amazing new local restaurant as well.
Samir Latif
Samir Latif
Clean, modern and great facilities. Great service, and loved their minimalist breakfast. The brewed coffee in the french press was great. I gave it 4 for locations, while it is convenient and walking distance to the beach, shops and cafe, its proximity to the main road, you do get, not much , but some traffic noise
Barry Havenga
Barry Havenga
Absolutely marvellous Eco resort.
Donna Cumming
Donna Cumming
Really nice spot across from the beach. Beautiful little eco cabins. Includes a complimentary bottle of wine and breakfast.
Rare white wallaby - Bruny Island


on Bruny Island

Bruny Island is  a haven of pristine wilderness where the symphony of nature unfolds in every corner. One of the island's most enchanting residents is the rare white wallaby, gracefully hopping through the coastal heathlands, adding a touch of magic to your exploration. As you traverse the diverse landscapes, keep an eye out for the elusive echidna, a fascinating monotreme that meanders through the bush, showcasing the island's unique biodiversity.

Venture into the eucalyptus forests, and you might be lucky enough to spot the Dusky Antechinus, a small marsupial known for its energetic and curious nature. Bruny Island is a sanctuary for these captivating creatures, providing a glimpse into the delicate balance of its ecosystems.
Echidna - 43 Degrees Bruny Island


The beauty of Bruny Island

Stay & Experience True Beauty at



Complimentary Breakfast & Bottle of Wine on arrival.
Check out our calendar and make a booking today!
But get in quick, as we often book out weeks in advance.

We look forward to seeing you on the beautiful Bruny Island!
+61 422 792 237
1 Lumeah Road, Adventure Bay, TAS 7150
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