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Bruny Island Walks / Hiking

Bruny Island's Natural Wonderland:

Diverse Trails and Breathtaking Views

Large areas of the island are comprised of the South Bruny National Park and State Forest Reserves. This makes the island the perfect location for walking!

Walking tracks on Bruny Island range from 15 mins to full day walks. From magnificent coastal views, rainforest and ferns, to panoramic breathtaking views of soaring seacliffs and 360 deg views. You can discover lagoons and coastal heathland abundant with bird and wildlife. Most walks have information trails and historical information.
Important: before planning any walks, be sure to read any relevant information and check the weather forecast.
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Fluted Cape Walk

Time: 2.5 Hour circuit
Distance: 5km circuit
Embark on the Fluted Cape Track within the South Bruny National Park, where enchanting coastal vistas, unique wildlife encounters, and poignant glimpses into the island's whaling history await.

The initial stretch of the trail meanders through stands of tall blue gums, white peppermint, and she-oaks along Adventure Bay's coastline, which is famously home to the iconic white wallaby. Discover remnants of the island's whaling industry (1820-40) at Grass Point, with the possibility of spotting migrating whales during the season.

As the trail ascends from Grass Point, it steeply winds along towering dolerite cliffs, leading to the summit of Fluted Cape. Families opting for a gentler experience can choose to return from Grass Point for a leisurely 1.5-hour round trip. Revel in distant views of the Tasman Peninsula and keep your eyes peeled for majestic white-bellied sea eagles soaring overhead. The Fluted Cape Track promises a captivating blend of natural beauty, history, and wildlife encounters.


Time: 3 hours return
Distance: 12 km return
Experience the captivating Cape Queen Elizabeth Track, a must-have on many bucket lists, seamlessly blending beach and bush adventures.

Embark on a journey between Big Lagoon and Little Lagoon, where breathtaking views of The Neck and Adventure Bay await. Traverse through scenic coastal heath, encountering a diverse array of birdlife, including the rare forty-spotted pardalote. Uncover the secluded Miles Beach, where a hidden fisherman's shack adds an element of intrigue to the landscape.

A genuine highlight of the trail is the rocky archway at Mars Bluff, creating a visual spectacle that adds to the enchantment of this unforgettable experience. The Cape Queen Elizabeth Track promises a harmonious blend of natural beauty and exploration.


Time: 4 hours return
Distance: 12 km return
Embark on the East Cloudy Head Track, commencing with a 3 km stroll along the windswept Cloudy Bay beach within the South Bruny National Park.

During spring and summer, nesting shorebirds delicately lay their eggs amid beach debris, making it essential to tread along the wet sand. Upon reaching the end of Cloudy Beach, the trail winds inland alongside a meandering creek before ascending 3 km through vibrant, bird-filled heathland to reach East Cloudy Head.

Take in awe-inspiring vistas along the south coast of Bruny Island, extending to The Friars, which hosts a lively fur seal colony. Cast your gaze west and northwest for panoramic views encompassing the southern ranges and the majestic kunanyi/Mt Wellington. The East Cloudy Head Track promises a scenic adventure with a rich tapestry of coastal wonders and breathtaking landscapes.


Time: Luggaboine Circuit 1.5 hours; Labillardiere Peninsula Circuit 5 hours.
Distance: Luggaboine Circuit 4 km; Labillardiere Peninsula Circuit 15 km.
Embark on this remarkable coastal journey, offering the flexibility of a brief loop or an immersive all-day exploration (pro tip: opt for a clockwise circuit for a gentler terrain and enhanced views).

On the western side of the peninsula, behold panoramic vistas extending towards the southern ranges. Along the eastern stretch, the trail gracefully follows the coastline, weaving through Hopwood, Butlers, and Jetty beaches, with captivating views of the d’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Year-round blooms adorn the heathland and eucalyptus forest, attracting a diverse array of birds. During the warmer months, keep an eye out for sun-drenched snakes along the path, making gaiters or long pants a wise choice for your trek. Whether opting for a short loop or a full-day adventure, this coastal walk promises an unforgettable experience of nature's wonders and breathtaking scenery.


Time: 1 hour return
Distance: 3 km return
Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque foreshore, tracing the path between Sheepwash Bay and Alonnah. This trail served as the primary connection between Sheepwash Bay and Alonnah during the early settlement years.

Following the historic rock-walled carriageway that linked former jetty sites, the walk weaves through coastal bushland. Keep an eye out for remnants of the early settlers' presence, such as a sawyers' camp and scattered piles of stones near Sheepwash Creek.

Uncover the island's history as logs from Bruny Island were meticulously prepared in the bush, destined for barges and later windjammers bound for export to the UK and South Africa. This easy walk promises not only scenic beauty but also a journey through the island's fascinating past.

Mavista Nature Walk

Time: 30 – 40 minutes return
Distance: 1.4 km
Discover the charm of the Mavista Nature Walk, a delightful short trail tailored for nature enthusiasts. Meander along the meticulously maintained path through a shaded gully, surrounded by ancient and captivating wet forests. Observe the grandeur of towering stringybarks, blackwoods, majestic tree-ferns, and a variety of understorey species. Extend your stay and make use of the picnic shelter conveniently located at the track's outset.

Take note that the bush track is narrow, and it is advised not to venture beyond the endpoint, as Mavista Falls remain inaccessible. Additionally, be mindful of leeches and come prepared for a delightful nature walk immersed in the beauty of the surroundings.
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