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Bruny Island

Nestled just 35 minutes south of Hobart, Tasmania, Bruny Island is a captivating destination comprised of two interconnected islands linked by a slender land bridge known as The Neck. The North and South halves of the island offer distinct characteristics and environments, with the northern region boasting a more rural landscape in contrast to the rugged and wild southern counterpart. Spanning an impressive 50 kilometres, Bruny Island stands as a testament to Tasmania's rich natural beauty, showcasing wonderfully preserved environments and teeming wildlife.

Upon your arrival to this enchanting island, a plethora of activities awaits. Whether you choose to embark on Rob Pennicott’s Bruny Island Cruises, savour artisanal delights at the Bruny Island Cheese Co., ascend the Cape Bruny Lighthouse for panoramic views, or traverse one of the many pristine wilderness walks, Bruny Island promises to captivate every traveller. The island's allure is so diverse that fitting all its wonders into a single day might prove a delightful challenge. Bruny Island invites you to immerse yourself in its natural splendour, discover unique experiences, and create lasting memories in this extraordinary Tasmanian haven.

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Catching the Ferry?

The Ferry from Kettering across to Dennes Point on Bruny Island operates approximately every 20 minutes from 6:10 am to 7:00 pm. Times change with seasons, so please check the exact details on the Sealink Website before finalising your travel plans. Ferry bookings are not required and payment can be made at the ticket booth.
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