43 Degrees Bruny Island

Boutique Environmental Accommodation situated in Adventure Bay

About us

Situated in Adventure Bay on Bruny Island, 43 Degrees Bruny Island offers Boutique Environmental Accommodation for those looking for exceptional experience whilst maintaining a focus on being environmentally conscious.

43 Degrees South

The name, 43 Degrees, has been chosen due to Adventure Bays Latitude - being that of 43 Degrees South. Historically this Latitude has been an integral part of early maritime history.  Adventure Bay, had been used as an anchorage for early European explorers such as Abel Tasman as early as 1642. Following this, Tobias Furneaux, as Captain of the vessel “Adventure”, accompanied Captain James Cook, sailing in the “Resolution”, made anchor in the bay whilst supporting Cook’s voyage of discovery between 1772-1775. Captain William Bligh on the “Bounty” (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) entered Adventure Bay in August 1788 for resupply of  Water & Food on route to Tahiti. Later, Captain Bligh would be infamously set adrift by Fletcher Christian and other members of his crew. 

“… an integral part of early maritime history.”


43 Degrees is purpose built to exceed the highest Environmental Standards whilst still providing our guests with a desirable level of comfort within a boutique setting. 43 Degrees seeks to cater to those that wish to consciously participate within the green tourism movement by providing guests with an understanding of environmentally sustainable architecture and what it can achieve within our pristine island environment.

To achieve this our apartments are powered by grid connected solar ensuring that they are both carbon friendly whilst also allowing the occupants the use of modern electrical appliances. Apartments collect their own rainwater which is stored in a modern onsite collection system.  All waste water produced is treated via an on-site environmental waste eating management system, and reused to water gardens within the development.

... providing our guests with an understanding of environmentally sustainable architecture and what it can achieve within our pristine island environment.

43 Degrees apartments are architecturally designed achieving a 6+ Star Energy Rating, combining Triple Layer R3.8 insulation and double glazing throughout.  All timber components have been carefully sourced from selected plantation timbers. All paints used are 100% Organic with zero VOC content. A mega anchor footing system has been used so as to provide minimum foot printing to our site during the construction process.

43 Degrees has been an Active Member of “Green Tourism” achieving “Green Globe Status” and recognised as an Earthcheck Assessed Operator. Recent results by this standard found 43 Degrees to be:

94.5% Above Best Practice in Energy Consumption

99.6% Above Best Practice in Water Consumption

90.5% Above Best Practice in Waste to Landfill

Award winning

Winner - TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Winner - Hotels.com Loved by Guests Most Wanted Award 2019

Finalist - Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism 2011 & 2013

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